Intech provides automated and semi-automated heat exchanger repair solutions for installing and removing tube and tubesheet plugs, removing tube sections, and installing tube stabilizers.

Tube Plugging

Intech offers automated tooling and equipment experts for the remote installation, welding, and inspection of tube and tubesheet plugs.

Main Process Steps:

  • Tubes are marked, brushed, size rolled and cleaned prior to installing plugs. A pneumatic rotation station is remotely controlled to perform these functions.
  • Plugs are then installed using a pneumatic impact hammer. A custom designed mandrel ensures proper fitup within the tube/tubesheet.
  • A fusion TIG welding process is used to install tube and tubesheet plugs in heat exchangers.
  • The weld data is recorded and analyzed to meet QA requirements. Inspect Plugs The weld quality is verified with a visual inspection tool that shows all the weld surfaces to a high degree of resolution.
Tube Removal

Intech produces a series of tooling for removing samples from heat exchangers. All of these components can be delivered by hand or with a remotely controlled manipulator.

Main Process Steps:

  • Tube Relaxation is required for tubes with hard rolled joints. This is done to reduce the pulling forces needed to remove the tube. A TIG process is utilized powered by a programmable Weld Power supply.
  • Seal Weld Machinig removes the seal weld at the tube end using custom designed cutters. The milling machine is compact, light weight, and durable.
  • Tube Cutting is accomplished with the use of Metal Disintegration Machining (MDM). The electrode is delivered by a current carrying flexible whip.
  • Tube Pulling is performed using custom ID and OD grippers driven by a Tandem Hydraulic Jack.
  • The tubesheet can then be plugged using the Tube Plugging procedure.

For applications that require tube stabilizers, a pneumatic stake driver and pusher unit can be manually or remotely activated to deliver stabilizers to the appropriate location within the tube.