Intech offers the techniques, equipment, and expertise using the latest advancements in inspection technology to meet all your non-destructive examination needs.


We provide a wide range of conventional and advanced NDE services that can be performed on your castings, forgings, pressure vessel components, and other system components. We use portable and lab based equipment so that inspections can take place either on your site or at one of our off-site facilities.

  • Eddy Current (ET) and Remote Field Testing (RFT)
  • Ultrasonics (UT), Phased Array (PAUT) and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD)
  • Magnetic Particle (MP)
  • Liquid Penetrant (LP)
  • Hardness Testing
  • Visual Inspection (CWB and ASNT Certified Inspectors)
  • Remote Visual Inspection (Boroscope, Pan Tilt Zoom, Custom Engineered Cameras and Tooling)
Tube Inspection

Intech provides professional, qualified, and experienced personnel to perform tube inspections for the power generation, petrochemical, pulp and paper, and many other industries. Intech specializes in the inspection of heat exchanger tubing, offering the highest quality exams with Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB), ANSI/ASNT CP-189, ASNT/SNT-TC-1A, and EPRI/QDA certified personnel.

Intech provides the following tube inspection related services using the latest in equipment technology from Eddyfi, Corestar, Olympus, and Zetec:

  • Eddy Current Testing (ET) using Bobbin, Array, and Rotating Probes
  • Remote Field Testing (RFT)
  • Ultrasonics Internal Rotating Inspection System (IRIS)
  • Video Probe Inspection
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Inspection Program Planning
  • Procedure Development and Qualification
  • Data Analysis Guidelines and Training Course Preparation
  • Calibration Standard Development and Fabrication
  • Specialized Testing Technique Development
  • Off-Site Data Analysis via the Internet
  • Data Management and Tube Sheet Map Generation
Tube Inspection
Off Site Data Centres

For applications that can benefit from having Analysts off-site at a remote location, Intech maintains 2 fully equipped data centres. Off Site Data Centres minimize the administrative burden and mobilization costs associated with deploying senior NDE technicians to site. Data is analyzed and managed in real time at a remote location using a secure Internet connection.

  • Real Time Data Analysis servicing North America, South America, Europe, and Asia
  • Eliminates on-site Training Costs
  • Eliminates mobilization, demobilization, and daily subsistence costs.
  • Centres Located in
    • Oakville, ON
    • Cambridge, ON
Data Centres